We approached the study of the New Archaeological Museum of Cyprus with a sense of respect for its painful but extremely interesting history.

The urban experience will assimilate a new collective born through a genuine bearing procedure and not through a violent extravagant design. The sensitive point that the site of the Museum is in,combines the beauty of its nature and the qualities of a new Urban development. The design of the Museum will carry this transition, a transition from Land to Urban-scape, from the city to the surrounding of Cyprus Earth, of the Narration of its History.

A new passage is created through the core of the Museum,which transides the River side and its extremely intense landscape through the open spaces of the New Museum and to the existing Archaeological Museum and the rest of the Cultural Corridor. The Museum becomes a living part of the essential frequency of the City,a beating core of life as it attracts more visitors and local people not only for its strong History Narration but also its organic development, creating a green sophisticated and pleasant area, which carries through it, the movements of everyday life, which becomes a meeting point, an organic landmark.

The narrative of the New Museum follows the axis of important thematics through its permanent collection. Copper and the Ceramics of Cyprus not only form interesting linear narratives with the existing exhibits dramatized with indirect lighting and precious textures of local materials, but have also been used in the design of symbolic interior elements in the building.

The main facade which hides the closure of the permanent Collection, bears linear slots which allow indirect northern light through the interior and the hall with the Roman sculptures, and have a symbolic reference to the Cyprian Ceramic linear patterns.