The Alluvial Santorini Suites is a renovation project in the village of Messaria on the island of Santorini. An early 20th century vernacular house and winery is converted to high-end summer villas.

The intriguing complex with its private courtyard, the traditional house, the underground cellar (Canava) and the raki production space (Rakidio) is kept intact. Small interventions were proposed in order to meet all the modern accommodation standards.

All interventions were implemented with great respect to the traditional feeling of the property, aiming at the privacy of the residents and the organization of the rooms. In the large Canava, lightweight glass partitions are used to separate the living area from the bedrooms and to allow for maximal diffusion of light.

In collaboration with Athanasios Farantos (E-M study) and Alexandros Dikastopoulos (Graphic Design)